Enlightenment, By Design

Replica Communications is a strategic research, knowledge mobilization and communications firm. Our work is rooted in the belief that the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like obesity can be vastly improved by public- and private-sector organizations that adopt a people-first and data-driven approach.

 Our principals have deep experience working in research, health policy, nonprofit and healthcare management, patient engagement, professional affairs and education, IT services, and communications. Together, they have helped change the global narrative around obesity to incorporate de-stigmatized, people-centric and evidence-informed approaches to health policies, research programs, clinical practice guidelines, workplace strategies, public health campaigns, and marketing and communications.



Research and benchmarking on issues such as access to quality care across regional and national jurisdictions, chronic disease policy development, professional and patient needs assessments, and more.

Professional Support

Professional education including CME, best practices development, practice change management, inter-professional collaboration, setting and evaluating standards of care, and healthcare professional training pathways.


Guidance on marketing, communications and engagement of health professionals, policy makers and people living with chronic disease, evaluation of corporate policies to identify unintended consequences, strategic person-centred planning and more.

Clinical Guidelines

Development and dissemination of clinical practice guidelines, end-user engagement, coordination and logistical support, strategic planning and guidance, engagement of interdisciplinary researchers and experts, and more.

Patient Engagement

Ethical and meaningful engagement for research, policy development and clinical practice, as well as patient advocacy and media training, community building, social media engagement, and more.

NFP Management

Nonprofit creation and management support, IT services, data management, website development, strategic planning, corporate policies and governance, leadership training and mentorship, media management, and more.

Cross-Sectoral Partnership Development

Balancing expertise, resources, and roles we understand the needs of government agencies, nonprofits and industry, and how we can work together to promote common goals and messaging in the chronic disease space.